• Jacquard Loop Terry Beach Towels
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    BL9028 BL9029 BL9030 BL9008 BL9009 BL9010
    • Yarn dyed woven-in design 
    • Up to three colors
    • 100% cotton loop terry 
    • items are BL9028, BL9029, BL9030,BL9008, BL9009, BL9010
  • Jacquard Terry Velour Beach Towels
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    BV9031 BV9032 BV9033 BV9011 BV9012 BV9013
    • Yarn Dyed Woven-In Design
    • Up to Three Colors
    • 100% Cotton Terry Velour
    • Item Numbers: BV9031, BV9032, BV9033, BV9011, BV9012, BV9013